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Equine Remedial Therapy

Shantel Perreal, Equine TherapistIt has been said that horses are the athletes of the animal kingdom. Like human athletes, sometimes horses develop muscular and skeletal problems that impede movement, comfort, and general health. Equine Remedial Therapy provides relief and corrective treatment for horses who are suffering.

Horses can experience similar pain and discomfort in their joints, muscles, and internal organs that we humans do when something “goes out” on us. We have all experienced a sore back or other muscle / joint pain that keeps us from functioning properly. Humans have chiropractors, massage therapists, and naturopaths that can treat us and provide relief. Luckily, now our equine friends do as well.

About Shantel Perreal – Certified Equine Therapist

Shantel Perreal is a certified Equine Therapist who has dedicated her life to pursuing the knowledge and skills to help horses that are suffering. With extensive, ongoing study and training Shantel is helping and saving horses that may otherwise be deemed unusable or worse. By first starting out with human nature and anatomy, Shantel earned her diploma in massage therapy & rehabilitation. Fascinated by what she was discovering, she broadened her education and certifications to include herbology & homeopathy, acupuncture, and chiropractics, and the latest Shantel went to NC in Novemeber 2013 to take Kinesio -Taping (great for suspensory Ligament treatment and check ligament problems, and many other problems).
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Based in Edmonton Alberta, Shantel has earned the respect and gratitude of many horse owners by helping their equine companions return to a healthy, active, pain-free life. See success stories and testimonials from Shantel’s clients. Shantel has studied for many years on Equine and Human Anatomy. Contact Shantel for more information on Equine Remedial Therapy.

Equine Remedial Therapy Services Include:


NEW! We now have a school offering a 4-year program!

Visit CanadianEquineTherapyInstitute.com for more information or contact Shantel

Shantel Also Offers:

  • Consultations on Equine Rehabilitation
  • Demos
  • Anatomy classes
  • Nutrition consults
  • Training and exercise consults
    (Horse and Rider)
  • Barn Care management
  • Saddle fits
  • Consultations with Veterinarians


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Image of a horse representing Equine Nutritional Health
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